[kde-linux] Problems logging in to KDE4

Rosalind Mitchell rcm at swimbarrow.co.uk
Wed May 28 08:52:40 UTC 2008

Sorry - I missed this reply at the time.

On Tuesday 06 May 2008 06:10:45 James Richard Tyrer wrote:
> To run KDE-4, a lot of environment variables need to be set to different
> values.  How are you accomplishing this?

I tried running from a shell script, viz:

export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/usr/lib/kde4/lib
export PATH=/usr/lib/kde4/bin/:$PATH
export KDEHOME=~/.kde4

This doesn't work either.  

> To find the specific problem, login with Session Type = Failsafe.
> Then in the Xterm run:
> 	startkde > user.log 2>&1
> You might need the full path for 'startkde'.
> Then examine user.log and see what went wrong.

connect(/home/enitharmon/.kde4/socket-scafell/kdeinit4__0) failed: : No such 
file or directory
Error: Can't contact kdeinit4!
startkde: Running shutdown scripts...
xprop:  unable to open display ':0.0'
xprop:  unable to open display ':0.0'
startkde: Done.

But I can't even run KDE4 from the CD - it just keeps looping round after 
running the splash screen.

When KDE4 was first made available I tried it and it worked - just didn't like 
it but hey, that was 4.0 and I wanted to see how it had moved on, especially 
as the next release will presumably have it like it or no.  But if the next 
Kubuntu release doesn't work on my computer I'm in a spot of bother and may 
have to resort to the odious Gnome.


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