[kde-linux] KDE 4 & Ark

Florian Sievert floriansievert at phobeus.de
Mon May 26 19:22:13 UTC 2008


I have a system running with KDE 4.x (trunk) on it. One issue I am 
really missing is the context menu entry for "extract here/to" in 
dolphin. I was about to start creating some own service menu for it, but 
I did notice that Ark does not seems to have options like --extract-to 
anymore? I also notice that ark doesn't seems to show the content of a 
archiv since a pretty long time. So I am currently start to ask myself, 
if this is a problem with my system or if ark is broken (?) for a while now.

Anyone else missing some options or having problems with ark itself? 
Does anyone knows anything about the further development on ark? 
Currently there is a lot of work done in the trunk and pretty much is 
improving more and more, however I guess my ark is broken since pre KDE 4.0.

Best regards,

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