[kde-linux] konqueror as file manager

Peter Catchlove pcatchlove at t-online.de
Thu May 22 06:44:49 UTC 2008

Dear All

My distro is Debian Lenny. I did an upgrade a  few days ago, and KDE is now 
3.5.9. I don't know whether it's because of the upgrade, or whether I 
accidently changed settings, but the behaviour of Konqueror as file manager 
has changed completely, and ruined my working methods.
To use the file manager, I used to click on the "home" icon in the panel, and 
then if you wanted see root or devices there were the tabs down the left-hand 
side of window. And Konqueror didn't show dot-folders and files unless you 
entered the path manually. Also, the window was automatically split, with an 
expandable tree-view in the left window, and the files in the folder in the 
right window. 
All that has now gone: the home icon just brings "home" cluttered up with 
dot-folders and files, no split window, and the tabs down the left don't 
respond, if you click root or devices. 
I've been through settings and configuration several times and just can't get 
back to the old situation.
I tried konqueror-as-browser, and found that I could at one point restore some 
of the old behaviour, using setting-> load view profile. But the left-hand 
tabs still don't work, and I can't restore the split window behaviour.  
Many thanks in advance for any help!

ps: I always thought it wasn't a good idea to combine file-manager with the 
browser. I have Krusader, but can't configure that as I really like, and it 
doesn't seem to show previews.


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