[kde-linux] media applet - kde 3.5.9

Scido domi_mailing-list at yahoo.it
Fri May 16 10:11:51 UTC 2008

Dear all,
I've got a problem with the media applet in kde 3.5.9 (kubuntu hardy). When I 
log in my kde after booting, the media applet doesn't show the devices. I've 
already tried some wordarounds (i.e. changing the mediamenager.desktop 
phase), but they don't work. It seems that, when mediamanager service starts, 
no device are ready (I've got a free disk space applet too, and at the first 
log in it doesn't show devices too, so it's not a problem only with media 

Can someone help me, maybe telling me how the kde start process works?

Thank you very much


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