[kde-linux] Kicker, Konqueror in strike

Kevin Krammer kevin.krammer at gmx.at
Thu May 8 10:10:54 UTC 2008

On Wednesday 07 May 2008, Sorin Schwimmer wrote:
> Hello again,
> Things are getting ugly. Yesterday I tried to sketch something with
> KolourPaint, and by the end, I asked it to save my work. I selected the
> target directory, the format, the file name, pressed <enter> and the
> application closed, loosing all my work. I didn't realised at first what
> happened, so I was surprised not to find my file anywhere. Checking with
> KolourPaint again, I couldn't find it in recent files, but I noticed that
> the canvas resizing was remembered. I did my work again, and failed to save
> in the same way.
> So, what can I do?

Can you check if it can save changes to an already existing work, i.e. when 
you open an already existing file and manipulate it?

> PS I re-subscribed. I'm curious to see how the mail goes through...

Perfect, didn't have to moderate this one.


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