[kde-linux] 'End Session' problem

M K overlord_3d at hotmail.com
Sun Mar 30 11:38:15 UTC 2008

 > Anne Wilson wrote:
> > On Saturday 29 March 2008 20:59:28 david wrote:
> >> Anne Wilson wrote:
> >>> On Saturday 29 March 2008 10:19:41 M K wrote:
> >>>> I really don't like to roll up this discussion again, but it seems like
> >>>> "splash=verbose" in grub.conf doesn't fix the logoff problem completely.
> >>>> One of my colleagues told that despite of "verbose" he had this problem
> >>>> at least one time (after logout, black screen with mouse pointer,
> >>>> forever) - and yesterday, I had it again, too.
> >>>>
> >>>> Seems like there is more than "splash=verbose" :-( Can there be any more
> >>>> reasons? (At least, X can now be restarted with 'init 3; init 5' and not
> >>>> a reboot).
> >>> Do you have any remote shares mounted?  I thought that I was getting the
> >>> problem again, but I found that there is a long (20-30 seconds?) delay on
> >>> a black screen, then shutdown continues.  I'm not certain, but I believe
> >>> this relates to the shares I mount in fstab.  I suspect that shutdown is
> >>> waiting for something to either shut down or signal that it's no longer
> >>> busy.
> >>>
> >>> Of course your case might be something completely different :-)
> >> FWIW, I encountered that same black blank screen when I logged out last
> >> night. (I boot to a text login, login, then use startx to bring up KDE.)
> >> I have "splash=verbose" set - it does make a difference, but isn't a
> >> complete cure. I do mount some network shares, but not in fstab - I
> >> mount them via SMB4K, and always manually unmount them before I shutdown.
> >>
> >> I think it's related to video drivers, but that could be because I
> >> always see error messages from X (trying to use some feature of an Intel
> >> chipset that doesn't exist on this laptop) after I close the session and
> >> return to the command line.
> > 
> > I've never seen such error messages.  <sigh> It's most likely to be a 
> > combination of factors, and that makes it very difficult to trace.
> Well, on my laptop, the KDM login screen comes up looking as if X 
> thought the screen was 10 times larger than it actually easy ... so I 
> disabled KDM. A text login screen works for me, and would probably freak 
> out any Windows user who tried to start up my laptop. ;-) So there are 
> probably a lot of factors around to make things difficult to trace.

Yeah, the factors are always the point... as Germans say, "the devil is always in the detail" <sigh like Anne> ;).
Well, there is indeed about a dozen of mounted NFS shares - all the user accounts etc., from about 5 servers. Unfortunately, not to avoid... I think, the problem is the NVIDIA driver, too - and a kinda genius who I know has the same opinion. Are there maybe any other drivers I could try out on a GeForce 7300, except of the proprietary from the NVIDIA page?

Btw, thanks for not throwing with things at me :-)

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