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Anne Wilson wrote:
> On Wednesday 26 March 2008 15:23:52 Sorin Schwimmer wrote:
>> Thank you Dale, thank you Anne. At least I know where
>> I stand.
>> If this is a Konqueror bug, then it must be a recently
>> introduced one, as with an older version I had no such
>> problems. Now, what means "older version"... I can't
>> tell, haven't paid attention.
> If it worked before it's unlikely to be a konqueror bug.  I'm sorry, but there 
> are so many variables.  You've no way of knowing whether any change has been 
> made to the site since then.  In this case, though, I don't believe it is a 
> konqueror bug.
> I agree that it works in firefox but when trying to access it in konqueror you 
> get
> An error occurred while loading 
> https://www.txn.banking.pcfinancial.ca/a/authentication/preSignOn.ams?referid=loginBox_banking_go:
> Could not connect to host www.txn.banking.pcfinancial.ca.
> I could be wrong, but that looks to me as though it is being blocked at the 
> bank's end.  Perhaps someone with web design experience might like to look at 
> the page source and see why this is happening.  Certainly the bank needs to 
> be told about this, but you need specific information about what is happening 
> and why if you want anything done about it.  Don't despair, though.  I did 
> once get something fixed on my banking line when it would not display 
> properly in Mozilla.

And the HTML they're sending out is rather old, HTML4 stuff, without 
even a doctype. Something that I'd think Konqueror's "old code" would be 
right at home with. ;-)	

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