[kde-linux] restoring from backup in Konqueror (and Firefox on KDE)

Lisi Reisz lisi.reisz at gmail.com
Wed Mar 26 11:47:40 UTC 2008

First, the background.  I have just done a fresh installation of Debian Lenny 
on a new hard drive.  (I was previously running Etch on a ?slightly dicey 
HDD.  My "home" and "backup" directories each has a separate HDD.  I have 
restored from this configuration without a problem before.

I formatted the HDD containing /home because I feared that it might have got 
corrupted in an attempt to dist-upgrade on the old HDD which went pear 
shaped.  I then did

# cp -Rpu /backup/. /home 

once the new installation was complete.

All the files appear to be there.

KDE is now version 3.5.8, KMail 1.9.7 and Konqueror 3.5.8.
**The problem**. 
Although all the data appears to be intact, the settings etc. appear not to 
have transfered to Lenny.  E.g. I have all my emails in KMail, but none of 
the settings, filters etc., which I am therefore having to redo.  A pain, but 

But Konqueror, in addition to having lost all my settings, has not got my 
bookmarks.  As I say, all the files appear to be there on my /home. 

Again, I can redo the settings - tedious, but less so than KMail.  But those 
bookmarks would take an age to recreate, even if I succeeded - and I am sure 
that they are there somewhere. 

Has anyone any suggestions for what I might be able to do to retrieve them?  
Is there a file/folder that needs to be linked/loaded/otherwise brought into 

And while we are at it, I have the same question for Firefox/Iceweasel on KDE.  
But I use it far less, so the bookmarks are less valuable - and there are 
fewer of them.


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