[kde-linux] restoring from backup in Konqueror (and Firefox on KDE)

Kevin Krammer kevin.krammer at gmx.at
Thu Mar 27 11:48:00 UTC 2008

On Thursday 27 March 2008, david wrote:
> Dale wrote:
> > When I copy user generated files, I always use the -a option since it
> > retains all file settings including permission, ownership, group etc
> > etc.  You may want to check who owns the files and what group owns
> > them.  I suspect one or both of those has changed.
> I just moved my wife's /home folder from her dying PCLinuxOS laptop to
> her new KUbuntu laptop - just tarred up the folder, untarred it onto her
> laptop, ran chown to reset the ownerships - and everything came over
> just fine. Mail (Thunderbird), Firefox, Konqueror, some (not all)
> OpenOffice settings, desktop preferences and links, wallpaper, Kopete
> settings, etc.

In my experience using tar is enough, i.e. the ownership is correctly set to 
the user running the extraction.

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