[kde-linux] Using ctrl-alt-F# keys crashes KDE and X.

Phillip Pi ant at zimage.com
Tue Mar 11 05:25:17 UTC 2008

On Mon, Mar 10, 2008 at 09:51:14PM -0700, Phillip Pi wrote:
> > >>> << SNIP >>
> > >>> Now, I just came up with an idea. I should try a new account and try to 
> > >>> reproduce it. I will do that later tonight (still at work :().
> > >>>       
> > >> That is a good idea.  I hadn't thought of that either.  Interested in 
> > >> seeing what happens when you try that.
> > >>
> > >> Not sure on the rest but I'm sure others are looking too. 
> > >>     
> > >
> > > OK, my other old account works (last used in late 2007) perfectly. No
> > > crashes. So I went back to my normal account with the crash problem. I
> > > renamed .kde/ to another one and reran startx to let KDE to make new
> > > settings (skipped the wizard). I was unable to reproduce the problem.
> > >
> > > So we're closer to the problem. I don't feel like reconfiguring my KDE 
> > > at the moment. Are there anything I can look at? Maybe configurations in 
> > > my .kde/? 
> > 
> > I'm not sure which one but you can try to diff the files in 
> > /home/your_user>/.kde3.5/share/config/ and see what is different between 
> > that and the other account.  If you move files around, don't forget to 
> > change the permissions on the file.  I would think the owner would be 
> > the biggie.  Group may be fine.  Mine groups to users anyway.
> Dang, there are so many config files: http://pastebin.ca/937754 (account 
> with the reproducable crash) vs. http://pastebin.ca/937757 (test 
> account without the crash). Any ideas where to start off that might be 
> suspects?

I reproduced it without KDE!!! 

Basically load up GKrellM2 (doesn't matter if it uses defaults or
customized) with gkrellm-hdplop plugin running only on ONE virtual
desktop in your KDE v3.5 or Gnome v2. Then, switch to another virtual
desktop that doesn't have GKrellM on screen.

Now press ctrl-alt-F# (# is a number) to go back to console/text mode. 
For me, this results a X crash like:
0: /usr/bin/X11/X(xf86SigHandler+0x81) [0x80c89c1]
1: [0xffffe420]
2: /usr/bin/X11/X [0x81771e0]
3: /usr/bin/X11/X [0x814a8ba]
4: /usr/bin/X11/X [0x814b504]
5: /usr/bin/X11/X [0x8154c1e]
6: /usr/bin/X11/X(Dispatch+0x1a1) [0x808eff1]
7: /usr/bin/X11/X(main+0x47e) [0x8076e2e]
8: /lib/i686/cmov/libc.so.6(__libc_start_main+0xe0) [0xb7dc5450]
9: /usr/bin/X11/X(FontFileCompleteXLFD+0x1e9) [0x80761b1]

Fatal server error:
Caught signal 11.  Server aborting

If I disable this plugin, then I won't get the crash. This plugin is so 
cool to have. I am just wondering if I am the only one with this 
problem. Can anyone else please try this too? Remember this will result 
an X crash! Thanks in advance. :)
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