[kde-linux] Opinion: KDE4 is very great, but does not deserve the version number

Randy Kramer rhkramer at gmail.com
Thu Mar 6 15:25:25 UTC 2008

On Thursday 06 March 2008 09:31 am, Anne Wilson wrote:
> On Thursday 06 March 2008 13:29:39 Randy Kramer wrote:
> > Sorry for this ramble.  I think the name chosen (kde 4.0) sent the wrong
> > signal to those people not close enough to the project to know what was
> > really going on, and those people have to be considered when making a
> > release.  After all, that's only fair, we (as developers or supporters of
> > kde) want those people to consider kde when they choose their OS.
> As you have indicated in your 'ramblings' :-) there is no perfect answer.
> I will point out that I did post on this list a link to a video of the 
> key-note speech, from which a clear idea cold be formed of where things 
> stand.  I was told by a couple of readers that they couldn't be bothered - 
> was too long.
> You can't win 'em all :-)


Thanks for the response!

Nope, you can't win them all.

Videos are not really something I try to view using my dial-up connection.  
Maybe when I get broadband.

Randy Kramer

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