[kde-linux] Desktop behavior

David Baron d_baron at 012.net.il
Sat Jul 26 18:36:16 UTC 2008

> > I drag a file attachment from a email onto the desktop. Once was it got
> > copied to the desktop folder and the icon appeared. I removed the file or
> > the icon, it was deleted or to the trashcan. Simple, intuitive, normal.
> I suppose we all have our idea of what's normal.  I've never before tried
> dragging an email attachment to the desktop.  I did try it after reading
> this, but the icon is created and appears to point to an empty file.
Even if we accept the paradigm that the desktop is no longer linked to a 
folder and the old windows-like functionality is not so important (I mean, is 
it really such a big deal to save as and then create the icon?), the creation 
of an icon pointing to Neverland is not a correct functionality.

One way or the other: The old way or open save as dialog when I drag to the 

There are other changed functionalities regarding desktop fold icons as well 
but the folder plasmoid and the device plasmoid can be used instead. After 
kde3 is no longer needed (I mean this thing is rock solid and either old 
applications ported or a dcop standin made), then the desktop issues can be 
decided in favor of the new way if that is what we like.

Kde had been accepted as the most "windows-like" of the desktop/wm's. That 
does not mean that this is its objective, though many put it up because they 
came to linux after using windows.

> > Comes KDE4. I drag a file to the desktop. I get the icon. Just the icon
> > and that points to the location of the file which is probably in some
> > temporary or volatile location. Next time a click that icon. No file.
> > long gone.
> >
> > I do not mind removing an icon not removing the actual file. However, the
> > unintuitive action to me should be changed.
> I have no solution for you.  To me the intuitive action is to Save As,
> which is what I've always done.  Sorry

BTW, in previous incarnations, that save-as created the icon. Now, the divorce 
between the icons and a desktop folder is complete (or almost so). Folks do 
need a sensible migration path (as stated in some other posts). When I first 
put up kde4, I still had the desktop as it was (almost).
> Maybe when we have Folder View you will just be able to drag your
> attachment to a folder, but I'm only guessing.
> You're right, Anne! I have a folderview plasmoid on the desktop and I drag
> n drop my attachments there. Seems even better for me that the files are
> now placed in the folder I want and no longer in the Desktop folder.
> Actually, I no longer have a Desktop folder

Yes, actually it no longer has any special significance. The desktop is simply 
icons specified in one file. As I said, once kde3 is no longer used, we can 
make this choice. I still run both.

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