[kde-linux] kde-4 plasma task manager preview

Beso givemesugarr at gmail.com
Wed Jul 23 20:43:31 UTC 2008

2008/7/23 Andreas Demmer <mail at andreas-demmer.de>:

> Am Mittwoch 23 Juli 2008 17:55:30 schrieb Beso:
> >  it has worked
> > well for some time and in the preview miniwindow (the one that shows when
> > hovering with the mouse over an opened icon) the text was readable. now
> for
> > some reason i cannot see it anymore.
> Support for thumbnails was removed in the early KDE 4.1 releases for some
> reason. Maybe we will see it back some time later.
> Greets,
> Andreas

the problem is not the thumbnails (that are there now and i'm using the
trunk branch), but the font color that is set to black on the black
background of the process manager applet when inserted into the panel. this
prevents me from seeing the title of an opened window and to go to the
various windows on memory of their icon. i know that there is some problems
with the font color cause i've already had this problem with the 4.0.1
release and had it fixed it somehow by putting the right font or font color.
now, i cannot set it in the right way anymore and i don't remember what
setting to look for.

ps. now i'm having another strange issue: whenever i login into kde there's
a program that continues to open a new istance at startup even if i've
closed it before logout. is there some directory to check for the previous
saved session?!

dott. ing. beso
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