[kde-linux] Konqueror file browser

James Kerr jim at jkerr82508.free-online.co.uk
Mon Jul 14 13:20:25 UTC 2008

On Monday 14 July 2008, Anne Wilson wrote:
> On Monday 14 July 2008 13:41:40 Dale wrote:
> > True, it is not a big deal.  It would be easier if he only had to copy
> > one file over instead of sorting through all the rest.  There is a
> > config directory but I couldn't find anything in it about what opens
> > what.  
> Most of them are fairly obvious from their names.  In fact when I had a
> problem I found that I only needed to copy a few over.  Many things were
> just being used with defaults.  I think most people would find the same -
> a few things that really matter and a lot that don't.
> > I think I saw it a while back but was actually looking for
> > something else at the time.  Figures.
> >
> :-)  It generally happens that way

Just a "shot in the dark" but I'd look in ~/.kde/share/mimelnk for 
anything "weird". It's the only place in ~/.kde which I can find that seems 
to be in any way related to this issue.


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