[kde-linux] Some composite effects of KWIN4 not working?

Anne Wilson cannewilson at googlemail.com
Fri Jul 4 06:08:38 UTC 2008

On Friday 04 July 2008 06:20:11 Andreas Demmer wrote:
> Anne Wilson schrieb am Thursday 03 July 2008 um 18:37:13 Uhr:
> > How urgent do you consider this?  4.1 is due out at the end of this
> > month, and will be available on distro mirrors very quickly after that.
> You sure are right, I don't want to mess things up, too. Except for some
> tiny glitches, KDE 4.1's stability is awesome yet. :-)
> I hope the described composite features will be fixed by then. It seems
> that not my box is the problem, I could not get the plugins to work on 2
> completely diffrent machines.
Have you filed bug reports?  Check, of course, that there isn't an existing 
one, and add your details to it if you find one..  Bug reports are the dev's 
main conduit for trying to sort out problems.


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