[kde-linux] Decop and KDE4

David Baron d_baron at 012.net.il
Wed Jul 2 15:11:32 UTC 2008

In the very early alphas, running a kde3 applet like ksensors would play havoc 
with the panel. More recent builds up to the first "beta", they all work just 

More recent beta releases, however, have been problematic. Indeed, the problem 
may be in dbus and hal stuff, not the kde4, but I do not know.

On start up, ksensors, kalsamix and such will simply freeze midway--their 
ghost windows are on the desktop and they will not minimize and dock to the 
panel. They work, however. Kmail may 1) not come up at all, 2) come up 
working but not dock. 3) two instances.

If I go to a shell and kill dcopserver, I can restart all this stuff and have 
it work 100%. Worst case, I may have to start dcopserver manually after 
restoring user ownership to .ICEauthoriy which had set to root.

Best would be/would have been a dcopserver compatible stand-in that goes 
through the newer dbus system but gives function returns to satisfy the 
caller. Sort of like expecting older windows apps to work when XP first came 
out, I suppose.

Anyway, it there a work-around for this? (I can do without a lot of this stuff 
but until kmail for kde4 is working 100%, I need the old one and many apps 
are not being ported so quickly.

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