[kde-linux] Kmail Problems. Was: Installing KDE4 on Sid

Kevin Krammer kevin.krammer at gmx.at
Wed Jan 30 20:49:33 UTC 2008

On Wednesday 30 January 2008, Anne Wilson wrote:
> On Wednesday 30 January 2008 19:20:53 Gaffer. wrote:

> > I found that I could reproduce the problem by unplugging the network
> > cable so that the network disappeared just after a mail check had
> > been done.
> >
> > I am becoming convinced that there is some kind of software race
> > condition involved, since when the problem happens the mail involved
> > either disappears or is not deleatable other than going into .kmail
> > and removing them and the indexes manually.
> >
> > Its been a frustrating day !  ;-)
> It sounds a really bad one.  I think you really have to get onto a SuSE
> mailing list, to see whether anyone else is having problems like this.  I
> haven't seen anyone else on this or the other lists that I subscribe to, so
> maybe it really is a SuSE problem.  Keep us up to date?

If I remember correctly, SUSE has some patches for KDE3 for something 
called "Network status", i.e. have applications react to changes in 
the "online" state of a system, e.g. to avoid repeated failure warnings if a 
server couldn't be reached.

It is probably not detecting the offline->online change correctly.

I agree with Anne that it is probably best to try asking on a SUSE support 

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