[kde-linux] Kmail Problems. Was: Installing KDE4 on Sid

Anne Wilson cannewilson at googlemail.com
Tue Jan 29 22:46:55 UTC 2008

On Tuesday 29 January 2008 21:37:20 Gaffer. wrote:
> On Tuesday 29 January 2008 21:01, Anne Wilson inscribed thus:
> > > All the ones affected are using "Talktalk or Onetel" as their
> > > ISP.
> >
> > Do any unaffected ones use either of those?
> Yes 95% of my clients use this ISP.  I say "this" because they are all
> part of the "Carphone Warehouse"
Does the ISP use more than one server?  Can this be deduced by looking at 

> As of a few minutes ago I have another one who can receive Email but
> her replies have remained in the outbox.
And there's nothing in the logs to explain it?

> > Are they all using 10.3?
> Yes.  The ones on earlier versions don't have this problem.  I'm
> tempted to go back to installing 10.2 on new builds.
Are you saying that all the problems are on new builds?  Are they on systems 
that have stopped working properly, or new installs of SuSE 10.3 that have 
had problems from the first?

> I always turn IPV6 off when doing an install.  Although I know users
> not running SuSE that have it turned on.
> Just thinking about IPV6 for a moment.  I originally thought that all
> this could be an ISP problem, primarily because they have been doing
> a very large amount of work in this area recently and Email became
> very flaky and non existent for varying periods of time.
> Another thing that I noticed, was that old Emails would suddenly
> appear in the inbox.  Sometimes months old.   Would the ISP
> implementing IPV6 on some servers but not on others cause this
> problem?
I don't know about IPv6 in this situation, but clearing a bottleneck on the 
servers is one possibility.  However, the number of messages that such a 
bottleneck would create makes me doubt it.

Have you noticed anything similar about the messages that turn up very late?  
The only time I've seen this happen was when I had a misconfiguration that 
stopped system mail being forwarded to me.  I assume that your problem is 
quite different, but if you've recently fixed any problem, even seemingly 
unrelated, it should be considered.

> Of course the ISP denies that there are any problems with a particular
> user, but their web page says otherwise.
They would, of course :-)  I'm in the process of trying to get some sense out 
of an ISP for part of my family who've been without a connection since last 

> > I think you are going to get your best help from the SuSE lists,
> > but perhaps our conversation will help you put together a good
> > report for them.  Of course, if a bug has been reported there may
> > also be a work-around while an update is being prepared.  How long
> > has this been going on?
> >
> Over the past 4 or five weeks, certainly this side of Christmas.

Is it possible, from logs or simply from headers of messages, to ascertain 
whether there is any correlation with dates of the SuSE updates?

I think, from your answers, that they are all pulling down mail directly from 
the ISP, not from a server set up by you.  Is that right?  I'm thinking that 
if it is there probably isn't an awful lot of log output that can help.  Most 
of it is at server level, not client.  Just thinking aloud.

I have a tendency to think pebcak when I find myself with a problem like this.  
It's not at all unusual for me to find that I have a typo, maybe a repeated 
character, in my config files.  If the status has changed when neither you 
nor the client have had reason to open the config screens then it's probably 
not that.

That's about all I can think of at the moment.

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