[kde-linux] KDE & removable media pop-up messages {sigh}

Werner Joss werner at hoernerfranzracing.de
Fri Jan 25 16:43:52 UTC 2008

Am Freitag, 25. Januar 2008 17:10:33 schrieb Joe(theWordy)Philbrook:
> Can some kind soul tell me a reliable/safe way to turn off all auto
> mounting/playing/executing/notification actions on any newly
> inserted/detected media???  I promise to save it someplace where I
> {hopefully} will still be able to find it next time.

on (k)ubuntu, the hal systemdaemon (hald) is responsible for detecting new 
attached storage devices (usb, cd-rom..), notifying kde services via 
I think, just stopping hald should be enough to prevent automounting/etc.
I'm not sure, though, if this breaks any other (needed) services :)
- so you might just try this:
(sudo) /etc/init.d/hal stop
and see what happens...

> Or is this something that is going to require a different method on each
> linux distro and/or release anyway?

most likely, yes.


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