[kde-linux] State of Konqueror: my 2 cents

Emanoil Kotsev a9706152 at unet.univie.ac.at
Wed Jan 23 01:01:32 UTC 2008

Hello, everybody,

I've been using Linux since 1999 (starting with Mandrake and RedHat but after 
then debian and in the office SuSE), so I experienced many ups and down of 
Gnome and KDE.

I like KDE a lot and Konqueror is for me something like the windows internet 
explorer ... more a file and less an web browser. If you've tracked the 
development of the netscape and what later became the mozilla platform you 
should know why it is in some aspects better.

Personally I would like to state that I don't think it is a good idea to 
remove something before everybody (the statistical 95%) agree. I've suffered 
a lot missing programs I was used to when upgrade a simple libc (the base of 
all ;-)
But the thing is that I don't believe Konq will be removed or not supported.
Also I don't see any Filebrowser for KDE that could compete with Konq.

What I mostly not use is Konq as web browser!

My suggestion is to link to the mozilla engine when it comes to web content or 
HTML files and forget the discussion. Well this makes us more dependent on 
the mozilla developers and their licenses but ... I could imagine using Konq 
look and additional functionality with the mozilla engine behind showing 
pages ... Also this would solve some problems concerning profile information 
(bookmarks and so on).
If we would like to be more democratic, we could give the user an option to 
switch to an installed mozilla engine or to the "native" Konq web engine, as 
it is a library, like you stated before that is pretty mature.

Something else not really Konq related: mplayer/mencoder convert rm files 

mencoder <filename.rm> -oac mp3lame -o <output.mp3> 
mencoder <filename.rm> -oac lavc acodec=vorbis -o <output.ogg> 

should do the work without need of external program (save memory and cpu). I'm 
using it mainly for converting video files, and wrote this by theory, so 
won't bet  - read the man pages, to get some fine tuning for the coding 
options for the codeces.
The man page ... I know it is long and confusing in the beginning but it is 
worth to try it.

There are also some rm files that can not be played by mplayer, depends on the 
RealPlayer library version you have installed.

best regards

o Emanoil Kotsev   o
o penguin friendly o

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