[kde-linux] Possibility of problems when copying files over?

Kevin Krammer kevin.krammer at gmx.at
Wed Jan 23 12:45:49 UTC 2008

On Wednesday 23 January 2008, Anne Wilson wrote:

> OK, I dug the hole when I did know better.  Now I have to find a way out of
> it.  Short of re-installing the whole of kde, is there any way to get back
> to a clean .kde?  If I rename the existing one, will a clean one be created
> by starting a new session?

Yes, it will.
However, I'd recommend you start the first trial by only 
renaming/moving .kde/share/config, thus leaving appication data such as 
bookmarks and addressbook in .kde/share/apps intact.

> I guess that one possibility would be to copy .kde from a new user and
> change permissions.  Would you recommend that way?

If at all you could check if there is a prefilled .kde in /etc/skel, but 
usually there isn't and KDE creates .kde when it is first started on a new 
user account.


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