[kde-linux] State of Konqueror ?

Richard cms0009 at gmail.com
Thu Jan 17 19:46:46 UTC 2008

Well, after reviewing Dolphin the new file manager for KDE 4, and Firefox 3 
Beta3.  I could not help but think?, there must something serious wrong with 

Well, I don't understand why the KDE group would need dolphin?
there is Krusader!, if one is needed more.

I think IMHO there must be a serious issue with Konqueror, and that is why 
they have not chosen to FIX Konqueror... maybe it would take to much time to 
fix Konqueror... and its easier to come out with with newer product ?

as a file manager, its great!!, sure they could add more options, meta-data 
mouse overs...etc and its very mature, piece of software, compare to Dolphin.

as a Web Browsers, as of late... it dieing a slow death...

first Adobe Newest Flash plug-in FAILS to work with Konqueror, there are 
numerous reports, on launchpad about this.

second, Firefox has more customization via plug-in extensions to really kick
it to the next level. (hmmm, it would be nice) it Konqueror could do that,
then we would truly have it all... just a note firefox 3 browser is way faster 
than firefox 2.x.11 way faster.. and less memory.

last, the Only browser, that score over 60 in the acid3 test,  was firefox 3 
beta 3, Konqueror version 3.5.8 [crash and burn.]

I'm just pointing out, some issue with Konqueror, would hate to see,
a great application, get thrown by the wayside... as it appears to be 
happening... according to all the hype about kde 4 and its eyecandy.


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