[kde-linux] kde4, first impressions

Werner Joss werner at hoernerfranzracing.de
Sun Jan 13 16:34:48 UTC 2008

Am Sonntag, 13. Januar 2008 17:05:21 schrieb Jim Philips:
> These are the problems I have:
> I have had issues occasionally with my screen going black, except for the
> mouse cursor. There doesn't seem to be any graceful exit from this.
> This morning, I went to start Kontact and I got the bouncing icon, like it
> was coming up, but nothing ever really happened. A second attempt ended the
> same way.
> Sometimes KDE4 starts with a white background, instead of the one I
> configured for. If I go into "configure desktop" and fiddle a little with
> the background settings, my preferred background suddenly pops up.

maybe these are related to some issues with qt/xorg drivers that have been 
found lately (in the process of kde4 getting a broader audience), I didn't 
come along one of these.

> This release doesn't seem to have Kontact included. I went to the source
> packages and I found kdepimlibs, but no kdepim. Strange. Kubuntu only has
> packages from a KDE4 pre-release.

this was well announced before - the pim developers just couldn't get kontact 
ready for 4.0 - they announced it to be included for 4.1.

> The kicker panel still doesn't seem to allow any configuration.

known issue - should be solved soon (4.0.1 ?)

> Konqueror doesn't seem to include a search bar anymore. This is enough to
> make me avoid it as a browser.
> Having said all of that, I still like using KDE4. I'm just hoping the rough
> edges get cleaned up quickly.

that can be expected, I think.
many improvements/fixes will already be in 4.0.1.


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