[kde-linux] external Konqueror command

Stuart Norman cyrwyn at wildblue.net
Tue Jan 1 16:40:33 UTC 2008

Changing that in the system menu now opens a new tab in the file manager, 
which is permanently running. I run PCLOS 2007 that's upgraded to KDE 3.5.8. 
Originally, there was an error in the menu - konq didn't work right from 
external links. I'm sure I've seen this work correctly - that the konq that 
has the focus will be the one directed to open an external URL in a new tab. 
If no webbrowser konq is open I want to click a link and have a new instance 
of konq loaded, then all other external links should open in a new tab in 
that. Yes, the "open in new tab" is checked in konq settings, but only works 
internally. I don't see anything in external app settings that would direct 
this command to konq.  

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Stuart Norman wrote:
> I can't find the command to open an external URL as a tab in a running 
> Konqueror. I need to put this in the menu or config so that opening is 
> consistent. Now, I get individual instances of Konq. 
        kfmclient newTab

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