[kde-linux] Hello: is anybody home

david gnome at hawaii.rr.com
Sat Feb 23 07:37:12 UTC 2008

sc wrote:
> On Thursday 21 February 2008 05:11, david wrote:
>> Robert Nimmed wrote:
>>> I notice that there have been no new postings to this
>>> list for over a month.
>>> Is the quality list dead?
>> Don't know about *that* list ;-) but I see seven new emails
>> from kde-linux (not including yours) just this evening.
>> There were a bunch this morning, and the day before that.
>> Are you sure you don't have some mindless antispam software
>> intercepting your list emails? I discovered (simply by
>> noticing that my incoming spam had dropped a lot) that my
>> ISP had implemented and activated (on its own, without any
>> notice to me!) their own spam filter that was squirrelling
>> incoming email it thought was spam into a Spam folder and
>> not giving it to my mail client anymore. I logged in
>> through their webmail interface, glanced at the spam
>> folder, and found a number of legitimate mails. So I turned
>> off their spam filter.
> david--
> thank you for posting this -- i too noticed a recent
> drop in spam quantity and was scandalized to learn that
> not only had my isp started filtering for me (also
> without telling me!), they were deleting the spams!  i
> had to have tech support walk me through logging in to
> their web mail, which i have never used til today, had
> to fill out my profile before i could get to email, and
> was shocked to learn what they had started doing
> without forcing me to agree to it first
> they do provide the option of turning off the
> filtering, which i did immediately, and logged out,
> hopefully never to have to struggle with their
> fancified gui again

There's reasons why lots of its customers don't like SWBell. Or my ISP - 
RoadRunner. ;-)

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