[kde-linux] Opinion: KDE4 is very great, but does not deserve the version number

Thierry de Coulon tcoulon at decoulon.ch
Thu Feb 21 21:44:00 UTC 2008

On Thursday 21 February 2008, Ben Kevan wrote:

> Shipping 4.0.0 as a "Official Release" and not Beta will get more people on
> it, and more issues to the forefront. Thus fixing many issues prior to 4.1
> and so on. I think it was the right move.

I don't. I'll be really cautious before I install any distribution that would 
set only on KDE 4.x until I'm sure it "works". I understand why developers 
make a a distinction between what's under the hood and the desktop, but most 
users won't. To many, not only is KDE the GUI, it's Linux. If the GUI does 
not work, Linux is broken.

Releasing half finished stuff is not the way to go if we want to bring Linux 
to the masses (OK, perhaps we should not bring Linux to the masses...)

I've used KDE 0.4, it was not yet 1.0 and it did work better than 4,0 does, 
try to explain this to the normal user?


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