[kde-linux] kmail and kdewallet

Jim Philips philips_jim at bellsouth.net
Sun Dec 28 15:22:47 UTC 2008

On Sunday 28 December 2008 08:18:40 Anne Wilson wrote:
> On Sunday 28 December 2008 12:54:39 Jim Philips wrote:
> > I can reproduce this too. My approach is to avoid KWallet altogether, if
> > possible. It's level of stability is such that I would only recommend it
> > as a QA project for some aspiring tester.
> It would be nice if we could find out why a few people have this
> experience. I've used kwallet for years and have had no problems
> whatsoever, yet you are not the first person I've seen mention a really bad
> experience.
> Is it worth starting a diagnostic thread, where those of you that have had
> problems can try things suggested by the rest of us, to try to find the
> root cause?  If we could even get any facts that would make a bug report
> feasible it would be a great help.
> Anne

I wasn't using KWallet at all. But because error messages from Kopete seemed 
to relate to KWallet, I tried running Kopete with Kwallet running to see if it 
would make any difference. It didn't affect the problem of not being able to 
connect to GTalk. However, it did seem to erase all account information for my 
GMail account in Kontact. That was all working before I ran KWallet. After 
Kwallet started, Kontact began to complain that "no host" was found for the 
account. I opened KMail settings to find that the account information for my 
GMail account had simply disappeared. I had to re-enter everything. I also 
found that when both KWallet and Kontact were set to auto-start when I logged 
in that Kontact would crash every time, apparently because KWallet had started 
first. At one time, KWallet worked for me flawlessly. I believe it started to 
get in the way when I switched to KDE 4. At any rate, I can only see it as an 
annoyance worthy of Windows Vista right now. It just forces me to constantly 
enter in a password, even though all of the passwords are saved perfectly well 
without it--mostly through Firefox.

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