[kde-linux] Phonon + non-native KDE apps

Beso givemesugarr at gmail.com
Thu Dec 11 10:34:36 UTC 2008

2008/12/11 Tanja Petri <mail at tanjapetri.de>:
> Hi all!
> First off, I'm new to this list, so hi everyone :)
> I'm running Kubuntu Intrepid, and KDE 4.1 since the upgrade from Hardy. After
> some initial problems (which were to be expected with such a transition, I
> suppose) I'm quite happy.
> There's only one problem that persists. It may not be a problem really, but
> rather my misunderstanding, but:
> Is there a way non-native KDE application can use Phonon?
> My main Problem here is Skype, and that mainly since I upgraded to Amarok 2
> yesterday. I used to run Skype via artsdsp on KDE 3.5. I have searched the web
> for a similar way to do that with Phonon, but didn't come up with anything :(
> It might just be my misunderstanding of the concept of Phonon; but all
> documentation I found seemed to be directed at either developers or the very
> technical users.
apps not specifically designed to use phonon cannot use it. usually
applications that
require the sound device implement a way to request it and lock the
device. to be able
to have this apps not lock the board you should compile your alsa/oss
with pulseaudio
sound server and reinstall the phonon pacakge with pulseaudio support. this way
pulseaudio handles both the phonon apps and the old non phonon apps. to have an
old app that doesn't use phonon to use phonon you have to modify the source code
of that app and have it use phonon. the docs available on line are for
helping devs
do this transition. so proprietary apps that don't give source code
need to be used
via a sound server like pulseaudio.

dott. ing. beso

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