[kde-linux] Phonon + non-native KDE apps

Tanja Petri mail at tanjapetri.de
Thu Dec 11 10:15:17 UTC 2008

Hi all!

First off, I'm new to this list, so hi everyone :)

I'm running Kubuntu Intrepid, and KDE 4.1 since the upgrade from Hardy. After 
some initial problems (which were to be expected with such a transition, I 
suppose) I'm quite happy.
There's only one problem that persists. It may not be a problem really, but 
rather my misunderstanding, but:
Is there a way non-native KDE application can use Phonon?

My main Problem here is Skype, and that mainly since I upgraded to Amarok 2 
yesterday. I used to run Skype via artsdsp on KDE 3.5. I have searched the web 
for a similar way to do that with Phonon, but didn't come up with anything :(

It might just be my misunderstanding of the concept of Phonon; but all 
documentation I found seemed to be directed at either developers or the very 
technical users.

Can someone help?

Tanks, Tanja

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