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Anne Wilson cannewilson at googlemail.com
Mon Dec 8 16:18:19 UTC 2008

On Monday 08 December 2008 15:45:50 Felix Miata wrote:
> I accidentally made a dumb "always do this for this type of media" choice
> for blank DVD media and now can't figure out how to undo it. When I have
> K3B already open waiting for a blank to be inserted, there's no reason for
> that popup to even happen in the first place. How do I stop that from
> happening in 3.5.5??

Hi, Felix.  I'm running 4.1.3, but I think the resolution is the same.  In 
KDE4 it's systemsettings, in KDE3 it's kcontrol.  Either way you are looking 
for File Associations, which, IIRC, is under KDE Components in kcontrol, and 
is on the Advanced tab of systemsettings.  Under x-content you should see 
blank-dvd.  Remove the association and all should be well.

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