[kde-linux] Problems logging in to KDE4

Rosalind Mitchell rcm at swimbarrow.co.uk
Mon Apr 28 14:45:10 UTC 2008

I tried installing KDE4 to evaluate under Kubuntu Hardy.

I log in correctly at the usual prompt, selecting KDE4 as the chosen session.  
A KDE4 splash screen appears.  The usual series of icons appears as it goes 
through the motions of setting up, and then...

Back to the login prompt.

Rather than simply installing the KDE4 system I then burnt a CD with the 
Kubuntu Hardy KDE4 Remix and installed it in a separate partition.  The same 
thing happened.  When I tried to run it from the CD, obviously there was no 
login sequence but instead KDE4 went through the motions and then cycled 
round again.  The only way I could stop it was by physically restarting.

KDE 3.5 works fine.  Has anybody seen anything like this before?  Google 
doesn't seem to turn up anything but I'm sure I can't be alone.

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