[kde-linux] Howto issue commands on locking an unlocking the session

Nico Gulden cilugnedon at gmx.de
Wed Oct 31 19:35:32 UTC 2007


I was inspired by the behavior kopete is showing on locking the session
manually (e.g. turning on the screensaver with a black screen) and
automatically setting the away status of my instant messenger. For
Jabber I'd like to use a different client (gajim) that is not as
integrated in kde as kopete is. The client provides a dbus interface and
I'm able to change the status issuing some commands.

How can I use the kde infrastructure to easily issue the appropriate
commands on locking and unlocking the screensaver? I preferably use the
facility kde provides for locking the session. Are there any events I
can hook upon? Any hints to the documentation for reading or ideas how
to implement it would help me.

Well, I could simply rely on the status change after 5 minutes. But I
want to prevent that delay and let the messenger turn to away just in
the moment I lock my machine. Thank's for your reply.

Greetings, Nico.
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