[kde-linux] Leopard features in KDE?

David Baron d_baron at 012.net.il
Sat Oct 27 19:36:40 UTC 2007

Apple's latest and greatest has a bunch of cool features. Note that this is 
there desktop system on top of a BSD core. One can find a review of some of 
this in the New York Times David Pogue column. Here are some:

"* Find the Menu. You're floundering in some program. You're sure there's a 
Page Numbering command in those menus somewhere. But there are 11 menus and 
143 submenus, and you're losing patience.
In Leopard, the Help menu has a search box that appears right in the menu bar. 
If you type "page numbering" (or whatever) into it, the search-results menu 
lists the names of any matching menu commands. It also opens that menu for 
you, and displays a big, blue, animated, floating arrow pointing to the 
command you wanted. You'd have to have your eyes closed to miss it. (This 
works in all programs.)"

This is way cool. Any takers in the KDE world?

"* Telltale icons. A new option in Leopard lets every icon appear as a tiny 
preview of what's in it. You don't see just a generic blue Word icon with a 
little W in the corner; the icon is now a thumbnail of page 1 of the actual 

Hay, we've had this for ages :-) What took Apple so long ...? Actaully, many 
of things hyped here are goodies we have had for ages, either in bash, or 
KDE, etc.

"Here's a typical Apple grace note: You can tell just by looking at a PDF 
file's icon whether it's longer than one page. The icon for a one-page PDF 
has a curled upper-right corner. But on a multi-page PDF, only the first 
page's corner curls down. And in the gap it reveals, you can see a tiny bit 
of the *actual* page 2 showing."

This is pretty cool extra. Anybody really want/need it? If so, should be 

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