[kde-linux] KDE 3 Beta

Ben Kevan ben.kevan at gmail.com
Sat Oct 20 20:12:08 UTC 2007

On Saturday 20 October 2007 01:01:23 pm David Jarvie wrote:
> On Sunday 21 October 2007 00:22:11 Ben Kevan wrote:
> > On Saturday 20 October 2007 08:29:21 am giuseppe gran wrote:
> > > I think that KDE 4 Beta 3 is not ready to the daily use, wait Beta 4
> > > or Release Candidate ;)
> >
> > It def. is not.. I have it running, and it is not ready at all (on
> > opensuse 10.3).
> >
> > I think with a bit more polishing it will be..
> >
> > Hopefully Beta 4.. But I think more likely RC. I just hope they don't
> > just try to rush it and have a ton of "Gotcha's" in the Final. Because, I
> > will be moving from 3.5.8 to 4 once it's released to production, and I
> > don't want to go around finding problems on my production machine.
> Bear in mind that not all KDE 3.5 applications will be present in or will
> work as well in KDE 4.0. Before moving to KDE 4 on a production machine,
> test whether it provides all the facilities you need, or check whether you
> can mix and match with KDE 3 as necessary.

Ah yes, most def and that is how I run it on my test machine. I have many KDE 
3.5.8 programs that I play with under KDE 4, along side their KDE4 
counterparts. I am hoping to soon remove KDE 3 and run straight KDE4 so I can 
really start to get the full effect of the rewrite on the apps. 

I may throw up a VM with KDE 4 only to start helping with bug zapping. 


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