[kde-linux] KDE 3 Beta

David Jarvie lists at astrojar.org.uk
Sat Oct 20 20:01:23 UTC 2007

On Sunday 21 October 2007 00:22:11 Ben Kevan wrote:
> On Saturday 20 October 2007 08:29:21 am giuseppe gran wrote:
> > I think that KDE 4 Beta 3 is not ready to the daily use, wait Beta 4
> > or Release Candidate ;)
> It def. is not.. I have it running, and it is not ready at all (on opensuse
> 10.3).
> I think with a bit more polishing it will be..
> Hopefully Beta 4.. But I think more likely RC. I just hope they don't just
> try to rush it and have a ton of "Gotcha's" in the Final. Because, I will
> be moving from 3.5.8 to 4 once it's released to production, and I don't
> want to go around finding problems on my production machine.

Bear in mind that not all KDE 3.5 applications will be present in or will work 
as well in KDE 4.0. Before moving to KDE 4 on a production machine, test 
whether it provides all the facilities you need, or check whether you can mix 
and match with KDE 3 as necessary.

David Jarvie.
KAlarm author and maintainer.

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