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david gnome at hawaii.rr.com
Fri Oct 19 07:31:25 UTC 2007

Gaffer. wrote:
> On Thursday 18 October 2007 19:53, david inscribed thus:
>> Gaffer. wrote:
>>> Hi David,
>>> On Thursday 18 October 2007 07:50, david inscribed thus:
>>>> Gaffer. wrote:
>>>>> Hi Werner,
>>>>> On Wednesday 17 October 2007 19:19, Werner Joss inscribed thus:
>>>>>> Am Mittwoch, 17. Oktober 2007 20:12 schrieben Sie:
>>>>>>>>> Running SuSE 10.2 Kmail 1.9.5 KDE 3.5.5.  I don't seem to
>>>>>>>>> be able to get "POP filters" to work.  My mail server
>>>>>>>>> running "Spam Assassin" tags the spam with "X-Spam-Flag =
>>>>>>>>> Yes".   But POP filter doesn't seem to delete them from the
>>>>>>>>> server,  they get downloaded and caught by  "Filter Rules" 
>>>>>>>>> which correctly puts them in the wasetbin.
>>>>>>>>> Is it me or doesn't POP filters work like I expect it to !
>>>>>>>>> ie read the headers and delete them from the server as
>>>>>>>>> instructed.
>>>>>>>>> Thanks:
>>>>>>> I could be wrong,
>>>>>> I'm relative sure, you are :)
>>>>>> - as I understand the OP, there is already spamassassin
>>>>>> running at his ISP's mailserver, tagging suspect emails with
>>>>>> "X-Spam-Flag = Yes" _before_ something else happens.
>>>>>> so he could set up a pop filter which just looks at this to
>>>>>> decide to delete mails on the server. which doesn't seem to
>>>>>> work.
>>>>>> werner
>>>>> Yes that is exactly what I mean.
>>>>> My assumption was that by creating a POP filter I could simply
>>>>> delete everything tagged without downloading it.  In practice
>>>>> the POP filter mechanism in Kmail does not seem to do that. 
>>>>> Either I am doing something wrongly, or the POP filtering is
>>>>> broken.
>>>> I seem to recall, from my days long ago using Pegasus Mail for
>>>> Windows, an otherwise-excellent mail client handicapped by being
>>>> a Windows program,
>>> Yes I remember "Pegasus"   Does it still exist ?
>> Yes, it does - http://www.pmail.com/. Still DOS and Windows only.
>> The author periodically makes noises about open sourcing it, but
>> has weird ideas about what that means. And even though what money
>> he's made from his products for many many years now has come from
>> support contracts, he seems to have missed the fact that you can
>> make money that same way with an open source product ...
> In that case the guy is probably too closed mind to change.

He seems to be. Right now, he's hung up about the fact that a core 
element of his product is a closed source editor package - going open 
source would mean he'd have to replace it. Which would most likely take 
a lot of time and effort if he sticks with his long-time "It's my code 
and only I touch it." Now the editor could be very intertwined into the 
Pegasus client, but I personally would consider replacing that to be the 
first thing I'd open source about my application!

>>>> that the only way POP filters can work with mail
>>>> is to download it FIRST. Pegasus had a function that could scan
>>>> the headers from your mail server, then you could mark and
>>>> selectively delete mail. But all mail filtering required
>>>> downloading the mail before a filter could act on it.
>>> Yes you could do that with "Pegasus"   Which when I was on "Dial
>>> up" was great.   But that was in my days on the dark side. ;-)
>> I don't know, maybe it would work well enough under WINE for you to
>> use that function?
> There is no point nowadays !  What with a 8Mb max connection currently 
> about 4.6Mb  the mail comes down the tube so fast you barely notice.

Agreed. Add in my fundamental mistrust of spam filtering that I haven't 
personally "trained" to my ideas of what is or is not "spam".

Anyway, are there any GUI Linux mail clients that have the ability to 
let the user delete mail from the server without having to download it 
first? (I say GUI because our previous ISP thoughtfully provided a 
limited shell access that let you run Pine on the server ... )

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