[kde-linux] POP Filters

Gaffer. derrick_s at tesco.net
Wed Oct 17 19:48:20 UTC 2007

Hi Anne, Werner,

On Wednesday 17 October 2007 20:20, Werner Joss inscribed thus:
> Am Mittwoch, 17. Oktober 2007 21:13 schrieben Sie:
> > Ah - I didn't read that properly.  It's running on the ISP's
> > server.  I had the impression that he had it on his local server.
> >  Wrong end of the stick, then.  Sorry.
> no need to apologize, misunderstandings happen ;-)
> unfortunately, I have no idea how to help the OP to track down his
> problem, as I never have used kmail's pop filters (I'm using
> fetchmail/procmail _before_ kmail comes into account...)
> werner

I'm in the process of learning how things work and how they are 
supposed to work, hence the reason for posting and trying to find out 
if other people have similar experiences with this.

If nobody else uses the feature, what should I do........  Forget it 
or file a bug report ?

Best Regards:

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