[kde-linux] Wanted : Keyboard shortcut to get Konqueror into a specific view mode

Bogus Zaba bogus at bogzab.plus.com
Sun Oct 14 17:17:19 UTC 2007

I have been trying to find a way to achieve the following for some time 
but have not managed it. Probably stupidity on my part, but if anybody 
can suggest where to look I would be very grateful.

I use Konqueror almost exclusively in text view mode. I achieve this by 
using View > View Mode > Text view and then saving this configuration as 
my default File Management Profile. Now and again however, usually when 
I insert a USB drive and open a new window or tab to view contents, 
Konqueror decides to give me an icon view. What I would really like to 
do at that point is hit shift-F10 or something and have it return to my 
favoured textview. I have not found a way of setting this up.


Bogus Zaba

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