[kde-linux] A novel(?) KDE 3.5 taskbar message

Felix Karpfen felixk at webone.com.au
Fri Oct 12 21:09:40 UTC 2007

On Thu, 11 Oct 2007 12:13:57 +0200, Kevin Krammer wrote:


> On Wednesday 10 October 2007, Felix Karpfen wrote:
>> As an example, KDE 3.5 opens a new window whenever I mount a drive that
>> contains a DVD or a memory-stick and then gives me the option "do
>> nothing" or "open a new window".  I have explored both options; neither
>> option impacts on my subsequent use of the mounted drive and I am
>> unclear what I have <achieved |missed> by selecting one option rather
>> than the other.
> "do nothing" just does that, nothing :)

> Some options might actually perform actions without mounting if this is
> not required, e.g. play an audio CD.
I double-checked.

"Open a new window" appears to be the default.  Sometimes the new window
just displays the content of the mounted drive; if the DVD drive contains
a movie, KDE 3.5 also loads "totem" and starts playing the movie.

I suspect that this automation is a bow to users who are more familiar
with another OS.  But I have been using Linux for 7 years, and I like
being able to select the tools that I want to use and to know what I have

Just a niggle.

I think that Debian and KDE 3.5 are great.


Felix Karpfen
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