[kde-linux] Kpackage Substitute

David Baron d_baron at 012.net.il
Thu Oct 4 19:14:55 UTC 2007

> > > > Since Kpackage is no longer usable--is there any comparably usable
> > > > utility like this?
> > >
> > > That would be entirely dependent on the distribution you're using
> >
> > Debian, would call apt utilities
> >
> adept is worth a try. It is used by Kubuntu.

Looks good. However, I have a kde so I really cannot install binaries off 

I was unable to get sources from kde (svn), so I took debian's sources. I 
installed a bunch of other packages to support it then make did nothing. Went 
into the adept subdirectory and its Makefile does try to compile, finding a 
bunch of missing headers in the 30-40 meg worth of installed goodies so still 
no adept.

> > Synaptic for straight debian based systems works well.
>True, but Synaptic is a GNOME application. Adept is the KDE equivalent of 
Well, the synaptic installation is a bit easier so will try that. Many 
gtk/pango apps are not working nowadays, however, and neither does this one.

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