[kde-linux] Triggering KDE screen lock from script?

Peter Houppermans phobos at pobox.com
Thu Oct 4 11:53:02 UTC 2007

I was wondering is anyone on this list would know how I could trigger
the KDE screen lock from a script?

Once a user is logged in I would like to run a couple of scripts that
could trigger the screen lock/saver to engage if certain conditions
arose, but so far I have found nothing helpful in the way of hooks.  I'm
talking about a standard, boring bash shell script for the moment
(that's all I can manage for the moment, I haven't coded anything in 20
odd years or so, so Python is a little way off yet :-).

Ideas?  Suggestions?  Beer (you need to be in Zurich for that)?

I think it may not be specifically KDE related, maybe it's more general
call to xscreenlock, but how would it pick the right screen if more
sessions are open?

Regards,   /// Peter ///

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