[kde-linux] konqueror: key combination for right mouse click menu?

Hellmut Weber mail at hellmutweber.de
Sat Mar 31 12:59:50 UTC 2007

Hi Boyan,
Thanks for your reply ;-)

> I noticed the following: When you have one single tab, the tab order from 
> sidebar tree to main window is Sidebar -> Address bar -> Main Window (that is 
> two TAB presses to get to the main window contents).
> Now when you have more than one tab opened the order changes to:
I just didn't note that difference,

FYI: Normally I start konqueror with a key combination I have defined in
kcontrol >>regional seetings >key combinations >Preset actions:
binding the command: '/usr/kde/3.5/bin/konqueror ~' to some key
combination like alt+ctrl+c. (I'm not absolutely shure about the lables
of the tags because I have to retranslate them from germna to english)
I that situation Konqueror opens with one tag and the first file in the
file windows with a dotted line frame. IIRC this means that this file is
'active': e.g. entering <enter> it will be opened with the program
corresponding to the MIME type.

To switch to the tree representation window the possibility seems to be
3 * <shift+tab>:
-> Going first to the address label of the tag (I didn't find any
reasonable action to be done there ?,-( ),
-> then the address field is 'activated' (showing it marked, i.e. it can
be edited, and with <enter> I can navigate to the new destination.
-> Finally the node corresponding to the directory whose contens are
shown in the files window is activated.

Once I have more than one tab the situation changes radically:
Normally I open a new tab with <alt+ctrl+d> to duplicate the actual
contents window. Again the first file in the list is 'active (dotted frame).
NOW I can switch to the tree windows (is that what you call 'side bar'?)
with ONE key combination <ctrl+tab>, and obviously again back with <tab>.

> These two seem to be valid each time. To do a complete cycle, you need a lot 
> of tab presses, some of which I could not see focus for.
Same for me. For all of the rest I got lost in lots of tabs.

I'm very content that your hint made me test out this different behaviour.

> By the way, it is KDE 3.5.6 here.
Here too

Thanks + have a nice weekend


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