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Thu Mar 15 12:52:45 UTC 2007

having the script file prepared as the others mentioned you can right
click on an empty spot of your desktop and generate a new link to a
program choosing 'create', then 'link to program'.

A window will appear in which you can define an icon for calling your
Tab 'general' permits you to set the caption of the icon which will show
up on your desktop, clicking on the kde symbol will offer you a choice
of icons
Tab 'program': put the name of your scritp there. If the script resides
in a directory which is in the path, the name of the script should be
sufficient, otherwise give the complete path (or navigate) to the script.
You can add after the scripts name ' %f' which permits you to activate
your script by draging and dropping a file as parameter for your script.



> Hi. How could i make shell scripts run by clicking on them, no by
> executing a shell script program? Thanks in advance.

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