[kde-linux] Force libtool to search alternate directory during kdevelop compile?

Rex Dieter rdieter at math.unl.edu
Thu Mar 15 04:37:52 UTC 2007

Martin.Fuhrer at cggveritas.com wrote:

> I'm trying to use konstruct (latest stable version, KDE 3.5.6) to build
> kdevelop 3.4.0 in my home directory on a Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4
> workstation.  Compilation and installation of all dependencies works fine,
> but while kdevelop itself is being built, libtool complains about not being
> able to find /lib64/libacl.la.  On my workstation, this library is
> installed in /usr/lib64/libacl.la

Yes, buggy packaging, see also,

My recommendation, either manually fix the libacl.la to point to the
right location, or remove it altogether.

-- Rex

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