[kde-linux] Lost Alt+F2 binding to run application

John Meyer john.l.meyer at gmail.com
Sat Mar 10 13:47:32 UTC 2007

Boyan Tabakov wrote:
> On 10.3.2007 15:31:16 John Meyer wrote:
>> I don't know how I did it, I just jumped into GNOME for a few minutes,
>> installed GF effects (by the way, they freaking rock!), and now Alt+F2
>> doesn't work the way it used to.  How do I rebind that to the "run
>> application" box?
> That is because when using Xgl, the default window manager for KDE - kwin - is 
> replaced with compiz or beryl. The Alt+F2 shortcut may not be functional 
> there. If you are using compiz-manager (comes with the latest compiz version 
> from the SuSE repository - I am not sure if it is available for other 
> distros), you can set shortcuts there. I am using another shortcut for Run - 
> the Win+R and it is still working with Xgl, maybe because it is not used by 
> compiz/beryl.

And here's the weirdie, maybe you can figure this one out:  Alt+F2 
doesn't work in KDE, but it works fine in GNOME.

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