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On Wednesday 28 February 2007 15:59:06 Paul Cartwright wrote:
> I installed beryl, compiz, aquamarine and emerald as my windows manager. My
> wife doesn't like it so I want to be able to remove it. When I try to just
> uninstall all those beryl-core,beryl-manager, compiz, aquamarine and
> emerald I lose my window frames. the window icons for maximize,minimize,
> and close all disappear.
> when I run
> kwin --replace
> my "normal windo appears, but the old one comes back when I log on again.
> I'm running SUSE 10.2, KDE 3.5.6 rel. 31.3 .
> I looked in the KDE.org docs, but I didn't see any mention of how to use
> kwin or to manage the windows manager files..
> any how-to's or docs I can look at ??
> thanks


After you have uninstalled your compiz window manager, kwin was not 
reestablished as window manager. KWin is the default window manager for KDE, 
but when you installed compiz this was probably changed. See if there is a 
file in /opt/kde3/env setting the KDEWM environment variable. See this HOWTO 
http://en.opensuse.org/Using_Xgl_on_SUSE_Linux (the "Using Compiz with the 
KDE desktop" section). It gives you steps to do the exact opposite on SuSE 
10.1, but I think it will be useful on SuSE 10.2 and you'll get the idea, 
what might need changing... At least you can follow the same procedure to set 
the KDEWM to kwin.

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