[kde-linux] Connecting to a samba share at startup

Anne Wilson cannewilson at googlemail.com
Mon Jul 30 11:22:50 UTC 2007

On Monday 30 Jul 2007, Werner Joss wrote:
> > How can I ensure that I connect to my home directory on a server, when I
> > log
> > in to a session?
> Anne,
> you could create a shellscript in your ~/.kde/env directory, e.g.
> smbmount.sh,
> which mounts the samba share via smbmount command.
> scripts in ~/.kde/env are executed automatically at login.
Yes, of course.  I should have remembered that.   Could you give me an example 
of the syntax for passing username and password?  I've little experience of 
shellscripts, and none for this kind of job.  Thanks


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