[kde-linux] opening linked files

pol linux_milano at yahoo.it
Sat Jul 28 06:26:32 UTC 2007

Anne Wilson wrote:
> If you want the link to always have a particular action, for instance open
> Konqueror, then look at kcontrol > KDE Components > File Associations. 
> Put the appropriate extension into the search box at the top, and you will
> get
> the opportunity to set the required action.  In some cases, for instance
> multimedia files, you may need to set both the General tab and the
> Embedded tab.

What i need is changing to the directory the file is pointing to, then
opening that file with the proper file association. Currently, file
association is ok, but links are opened in the directory where they are.
I would like to write a script that chances to the dir the actual file is,
then open it.   
I could associate a script to that file type, that opens the file the usual
way, if that is a real file or changes to the right directory before
opening, How to pass the path to the directory to the script?

thank you


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