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On Friday 27 July 2007 17:17:05 Joaquim BernĂ  i Torres wrote:
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> > I would like konqueror to start a program when selecticng a link file,
> > rather that opening  file the link is pointing to.
> > That would allow to start a script that chances to the directory, before
> > opening.
> >
> > Any ideas?
> >
> Hi!
> Is that the same trouble I have with some users account and not in
> others. That programs like Evolution or Google Earth doesn't open
> browsers when a link is clicked but another program like Bluefish?
I'm not sure that these two questions are the same, but here's the answers, as 
far as I can give them :-)

If you want the link to always have a particular action, for instance open 
Konqueror, then look at kcontrol > KDE Components > File Associations.  Put 
the appropriate extension into the search box at the top, and you will get 
the opportunity to set the required action.  In some cases, for instance 
multimedia files, you may need to set both the General tab and the Embedded 

If the file is something that is needed in different situations, for instance 
you may want to open it in Firefox or in Kate, then use the right-click menu 
to open with the extra choice.  There is a check-box for that to be 
remembered in the context menu for future use.


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