[kde-linux] Mass .desktop file edition, translation

Hoppár Zoltán hopparz at freemail.hu
Sat Jul 14 12:57:04 UTC 2007


I'm one of the i18n group of an linux, and I (we) need some help. We are trying to collect / translate / repair all of the .desktop files in the system (this is over 3500 file), but haven't found any GUI tool, or for this specialized script-tool(s). This includes also KDE .desktop files, so therefore writing to here (also).
Maybe has somebody somekind of tool(s) to easily edit these files. But I think - we accept any type of help - what brings us closer to makes easier this work. So, question is: Is there ANY kind of tool what makes easier this work, for KDE, or for the full system?

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